mandag 22. november 2010

It`s beautifull, it`s passion, it`s Jeanette Hoff, it´s amazing vintage fashion*
Check out the web page and endulge yourself in vintage treasures.
Many great pieces at 40 % off
So colour yourself vintage at :

Photographer: Steffen Aaland

tirsdag 16. november 2010

Red- it was love at first sight*

Red it´s my new obsession
Red it´s not even a question
Red on the lips of your lover, ´cause
Red is the love you discover
Red as the bing on your cherry
Red ´cause you are so very
Red it´s the color of passion
`Cause today it just goes with the fashion`


mandag 25. oktober 2010

Je t'aime

Frankrike la til rette for mange fine, nye minner:
So; Best to seal it with a red scarf, in a small golden heart and keep on movin in a Stine Goya boot.

onsdag 6. oktober 2010

Modell på 1 dag, kanal 5.

Så, sett dere ned i godstolen, finn frem popcorn smøret- for dette er et program dere må se til høsten. Idag er det premiere på kanal FEMs nye storsatsing "Modell på en dag" kl 21.30. Jeg har selv vært med å style til programmet og kan love deg et bra tidsfordriv. Konseptet er å finne modell, styling, makeup og hår innen åtte timer-og det er Ingeborg Heldal og Bjørn Oppsahl som har vært programleder og fotograf på det laget jeg har vært med på. See it, Love it, Rate it, Great it : Jeg skal på premierefest og drikke champagne,- gleder meg til å se to måneder med totale forvandlinger, ferske modeller, - og rykende styling.
KOS DEG- for det skal JEG.
- Kommer tilbake med flere bilder fra Premierefesten*

P.S : Jeg blir ikke å se før de to siste programmene da jeg er med som assistent for Elisa Røtterud i de andre*

lørdag 2. oktober 2010

Crystal Renn Le Vouge Paris

Vouge Paris is celebrating theire 90s aniversary tonight, I am celebrating it by showing you pictures from their October issue. Gorgeous Crystal Renn is fleshing the fashion in Vouges new fashionstory "Festin"* Fashion is served - Enjoy!

torsdag 30. september 2010

Bring it Black*

Martine Børeng is showing coolness with her new Dear Rivington coat and long legged Dr. Martins boots. I love the vintage leather purse and the way she has combined the textures between leather and wool.

onsdag 29. september 2010

Cutie with dogie

Camilla, i met when doing my usual street-walk today.
She was in a hurry, on her way to the gym.
This was her outfit..
Vote for her at Stylegallery

Photographer: Rasmus Vasli

lørdag 25. september 2010

Lee Stafford.

Today I was assigned my first fashion interview ever. Fashion editor in Norwegian Cosmopolitan; Elisa Røtterud asked if I could go to Sweden and interview the british hairdresser Lee Stafford. Talk about passion on top of passion: Writing, Hairdressing & Fashion. I think we all fell a bit in love listening to Lee Stafford. He started his hair dressing career in his mothers living room - cutting his friend's and familie's hair. When he was kicked out of the living room business he opened his own studio in Soho, coloured the bottles of his award winning products Lee Stafford Haircare pink, and charmed both the public and the celebrities. This is a man that will make our hair live happily ever after, and thats the way aha aha i like it* I will come back with more pictures from this interview...

fredag 24. september 2010

Well-behaved women rarely make history*

When girls dress like guys...Lady Gaga does it too. Lady Gaga looks fabulous on the cover of the September issue of Vouge Hommes Japan. This will definitely make fashion history, and we love you photographer Nick Knight, stylist Nicola Formichetti and Lady Gaga`s alter ego Jo Calderone. This is fashion as we like it- naked, edgy and provocative. O` so iconic*

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torsdag 23. september 2010

When girls dress like guys...

-You get Fashion & Photography, Calvin Klein (or Rasmus) to take the picture. Love the expression in Scarlett Johansson face. It suits the suit and gives the picture a fierce and elegant look* Contrasts at it`s best. A guy`s suit, a woman`s face- its a touch of artsy embrace!

onsdag 22. september 2010


A random guy I met when walking along the streets of Frogner, Oslo today. Apparently he did a Johnnie Walker campaign back in the 70's. Vote for him at Stylegallery

Photographer: Rasmus Vasli

lørdag 18. september 2010

Wuthering Heights*

Me and Rasmus' first shoot together :

Styling & Grooming : Sofia Storhaug

Photographer: Rasmus Vasli

Beautiful Model: Markus Norheim Cham

onsdag 15. september 2010

There's a new blog in town!

And we will serve you pictures of style and fashion - both from our own work and around the world.
Since we are new in the fashion game, we will give you the honour of coming behind our scene and watch our achievements this far.
So here we are - the leading characters in FashionFhag*, Rasmus Vasli, the greatest photografer unknown but so KNOWN- and me, Sofia Storhaug, a graduated fashion stylist who wants to become the new Grace Coddington
Maybe I can meet her one day* that would be great!;)
I'd definitely have Rasmus do the pictures.